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Gas Pipeline
DCI Water Pipelines
Since being established in 1970 Dipon is recognized as one of the safest, most reliable and innovative pipeline construction companies in the marketplace. Dipon excels in providing pipeline engineering design, project management, procurement, Consulting, 100% Turnkey Projects, Shop Fabrication, Marine Construction, construction management and construction services including hazardous pipeline modifications to our clients. We offer the versatility of performing installations. Our experience includes the supporting of offshore rig operations that is Sangu Gas Field, Bay of Bengal, while also being involved the on-shore portion of the project. Dipon-built pipelines have ranged between three-fourth of an inch in diameter and those with 30 inches with operating pressure up to 1200 PSIG. Our constructed pipelines have crossed diversified routes in congested areas, rural farmlands, forests, swamps, hilly region and many of the mighty rivers in Bangladesh.

Our professionals take the time up front to discuss, identify and develop plans to assure that the goals and objectives of the clients are achieved. Our vast experience and knowledge enables us to anticipate problems before they occur and enables us to provide timely, creative, well-integrated solutions that avoid delays and preserve project economics. We listen, adapt and apply our knowledge to meet the client’s schedule and achieve optimal results. Each and every client measures our success on a job-by-job basis.

Quality and performance is reflected throughout all areas of our business

Quality is adopted throughout all business areas to give our clients best value in performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

To meet our quality objectives, we will ensure :

·  Our processes and procedures maximise efficiencies, minimise costs and reduce wastage

· Quality, delivery, cost and other efficiency measures are promoted, monitored and controlled to improve customer satisfaction and company performance

· The most suitable materials, resources and suppliers are used in the provision of services

· Good communications are maintained with customers and suppliers to ensure our customers requirements are properly understood and conveyed

· The highest levels of health and safety are maintained

Dipon has a Project Management team which enables us to service a wide range of pipeline construction requirements for our clients. Our ability to offer full project management capability has been developed after many years experience of addressing pipeline construction.

Dipon possesses the skills, resources, innovation and commitment to support clients through every stage of planning, development, construction, testing and operations of a project. Dipon has the ability to quickly mobilize and rapidly adjust to the timing requirements of its clients. Processes for managing uncertainty and opportunity are integral to our project management practices. Constant feedback is well established; learning opportunities are captured as the project progresses to further mitigate risk, reduce cost overruns and project delays. Continuous quality assurance and quality control activities performed by dedicated staff ensure the highest standards of quality.


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