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Gas Pipeline
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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Description:  Operational successes have never been achieved sacrificing safety standards. Our accident prevention procedure is based on internationally-recognized codes and practices. Adherence to local rules and laws has been the absolute minimum.

Nothing that Dipon undertakes is more important than protecting the health and safety of its personnel, clients, contractors and sub-contractors. Safety is, therefore, a basic part of its day-today life.

All projects are about people, their lives and livelihoods. Dipon and its staff are all aware of it and do their utmost to protect people and environment. We go an extra mile to make sure the environment is 

Glorious achievement
The employees of Dipon are working in the safest manner possible at all times and to follow all HSE rules, procedures and safety instructions. Due to this, till today the HSE quality is ZERO Fatal and ZERO Loss Time Injury. Dipon earned 5% of total contract value as "Safety Bonus" for the following projects :
  • Bibiyana Gas Plant Facilities and Errection Works (600 MMSCFD cap.) - Client : Chevron Bangladesh Ltd.; Year : 2007
  • 30" dia 22 km, 20" dia 3.5 km and 6" dia 22 km pipeline construction - Client : Chevron Bangladesh Ltd. ; Year : 2006
  • 12" dia high pressure gas gathering pipeline at Moulovi Bazar - Client : UNOCAL BD Block 13 & 14 Ltd. ; Year : 2004
HSE Policy
The management of Dipon Gas Co. Ltd. is committed to providing a safe place of work for employees through the implementation of standards and control that continuously improve the application and performance of the HSE management system.

We shall achieve this goal by setting ourselves targets aimed at fulfilling a set of board objectives and values, which represent our obligations to the society as well as ourselves :
  • We are committed to meet our statutory requirements and dedicated to perform our work in the safest practical manner throughout its operation, consistent with industrial practice that satisfies customer expectations
  • We communicate openly with employees, contractors and clients on matters, relating to occupational health and safety
  • We believe in the provision of information for safe and efficient operations, to empower and educate our workforce and trust in a consultative process that maximizes our human resources
  • The systems we set in place shall manage and control risk through the identification of hazards, the provision and maintenance of equipment fit for purpose and training in safety skills and knowledge
  • We recognize our accountability for the care and safety of each other at work and the consequences of our actions on others off-location
  • We hold all levels of management accountable for health and safety matters in their areas
  • The safety of employees and third parties remains paramount over all other interests and demands
  • All employees have a duty to understand the hazards in the workplace, comply with safety rules and put neither themselves, nor others at risk.
  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as voluntary codes
  • The assessment of environmental effects before commencement of operations
  • The measurement and reduction of emissions harmful to the environment
  • Taking measurements to prevent environmental incidents and plan for the minimization of loss, should any incidents occur
  • The regular review of management performance
  • The conservation of resources and recycling of renewable resources
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