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Gas Pipeline
DCI Water Pipelines
Dipon is proud to have acquired the maximum number of equipment needed for gas pipeline construction. It also owns other equipment required for large scale civil, mechanical and electrical works. A large array of modern equipment backed by an expert team of maintenance crew and energetic operators makes it easy for the clients to collect any type of equipment on lease at a very competitive price.

The Company has its own warehouse and workshop with in-house maintenance facility. An experienced and capable crew is ready to respond to any emergency in maintenance and repair of all sorts of equipment and machinery round the clock. It also has a large inventory of spare parts in stock.
Major Equipment
Dipon Gas maintains a full range of machinery and equipment such as:
  • Sideboom/Pipe Layer
  • Heavy Crain (Upto 125 TON)
  • Bull dozers & Graders
  • Excavators
  • Vibro Rollers
  • Low & High Bed Trailors
  • High up Truck, Pide ups
  • Diesel Welding Machine, Tig Welding Machine
  • High pressure Hydrostatic Machine
  • Electric Vibratory Hammer
  • Cranes, Sky Lift, Fork Lift, Man Lift
  • Pay Loaders
  • Mud pumps.
  • Air Compressor
  • Holiday detector, Cutting & Beveling Machine
  • Internal Pneumatic Clamps
  • Lighting Generators
  • Pipe Bending Machine etc. to offer civil and pipe line construction & any kind of fabrication work. The Company has its own Warehouse & Engineering Workshop, in-house maintenance facilities with the experts: Lathe, Milling, Shaper, Drilling & Boring Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Crankshaft with sufficient tools, Spare parts with large inventory of equipments in stock.


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