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Two score and four years ago Dipon Gas Company Limited made a very humble beginning.  The flagship company of Dipon Group started its journey in the country’s nascent natural gas industry.  As the energy sector burgeoned, so has Dipon Gas.  First steps were hesitant even tiny but now decades later Dipon has cut a niche of its own in the energy, power and engineering industry of Bangladesh.  A company that started working in the small dia, low pressure gas lines has just completed the biggest section (41.5 km) of the 133 km 36” dia Bibiyana-Dhanua Gas Transmission Pipeline, by far Bangladesh’s biggest undertaking in gas transmission. This leap epitomizes Dipon Group’s stature.

In our sojourn there have been ups and downs, trials and tribulations. But all along we have tried to keep our core values constant. Innovation, economy, safety and honesty are the cornerstones of our operation.  Customer satisfaction is our creed.  Over the years our clientele has grown and now boasts the names of top international oil companies and local public and private entities. We have also moved with ease across the different segments of energy industry.  Our experiences are varied, all encompassing.  Starting with drilling pad installations we have moved about transmission, distribution of gas and have even done salvage and mopping up operation after a disastrous blow out of a well.

The group has expanded its operations in different sectors and territories.  In the age of specialization, various companies have been floated to address wide range of activities.  The digital age and dot com revolution has also made its mark in the group.  Companies dealing in smart e-banking are also operative.  Dipon Group now comprises a total of twelve companies.

Our successes can be attributed to the patronization of our clients and the dedication of our employees and workers.  We value quality as underlined by the fact that we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  Safety consciousness has been our hallmark all along.  We follow a stringent HSE policy appreciated by our IOC clients who rate us the best in the country.

But we do not want to sit idle on our achievements so far.  We aspire for greater glories and would strive relentlessly to that end.




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